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DAILY SERVICES (Monday - Friday)

Morning $25 from 9-11
Afternoon $25 from 1-3
All Day $37 from 9-3

Baths! Double shampoo and towel dry $20.

Choose between our Morning, Afternoon or All day service. Pick ups commence 2 hours before walk and drop offs take place 2 hours after walk.


Our service area includes Crescent Beach, extending to 184th Street and Marine Drive to 40th Avenue.


• Second dog from same household 1/2 price.
• You can create your own schedule or call as you need service.
• Prices subject to 5% GST.

All dogs must be friendly and good manners are strictly enforced. Before service begins, a personal meeting is arranged so everyone can sniff noses. We reserve the right to stop service if your dog displays unacceptable behavior.
Sleepovers are available at the home of A Dog's Best Friend.
Please inquire for details.
Complimentary nail trims at your request!